The following is the response that the parish council has lodged with St Albans District Council for the planning application to develop housing on land at White Horse Lane.

5/2020/0060 – Outline application (access sought) – Residential development of up to 30 dwellings with associated public open space, landscaping, access and infrastructure works at Land Adjacent Morris Playing Fields White Horse Lane London Colney Hertfordshire.

Members considered the application and were advised of Policy 142a of the SADC 1994 Local Plan which refers to half of the site being retained for recreational use.  Policy 93 identifies the site reference OS.8, land adjacent to Morris Recreation Ground for sport.  Members also expressed concerns about the access/ingress to the site with the speed and volume of traffic coming from A1081 (Policy 34).  It was also considered that there was an overdevelopment of the site (Policy 69 & 70).

Members commented about the lack of pre-consultation engagement which had taken place over a 2-week period in the lead up to Christmas.  The leaflet had been delivered to households in the vicinity of the proposed development in a plain envelope, addressed to the householder and could have easily been dismissed as junk mail.   A total response rate of 1.3% was insufficient to be considered as adequate pre-application consultation.

Members were keen that the SADC were advised of the history of the site and in particular, the S106 agreement that has been made with St Albans District Council and the developer of the industrial estate that the parish council would be offered the land on White Horse Lane for recreational use but when the development had been finalised, it was offered on a short lease and the price had been prohibitive.   It was RESOLVED to:

Object to the planning application on the following grounds:

 Policy 69 & 70 – overdevelopment of the site

 Policy 34 – insufficient visibility for ingress/egress of the site

 Policy 142a – land identified for recreational use

Policy 93– identified for recreational use