Coppice Wood – This 7.5 hectare wood is classified as Ancient Woodland. Although it is just 620m from the High Street, it is entirely within the Ridge Parish. The wood is privately owned and jointly managed by the Woodland Trust.  Access is permitted and in the early part of the year you will find wild violets and wood anemones. In April/May the Bluebells are spectacular. A favourite with dog walkers and children.

Dudley Wood – Sits along site the larger Coppice wood and was originally  a playing field for Colney Heath Parish Council. Over the years it fell into disrepair and in the 1990s when the then Parish Clerk of Colney Heath, whose name was  Dudley Wood, was lost on the mountain on the isle of Pico (part of a group of islands off the coast of Portugal), decided to replant the field with young saplings and dedicate it to the former Parish Clerk. Parish boundaries changed in 2000 and it now sits in London Colney Parish, where the Parish Council have encouraged the trees to grow allowed the undergrowth to thicken and encourage wildlife, such as pheasants and deer.

Cooper’s Wood – Located adjacent to the Colney Fox Public House in Barnet Road has been transferred to London Colney Parish Council by Matthew Homes plc in late 2012. The wood has been cleared of rubbish, old trees pruned and new trees added as part of a woodland management project, and footpaths through the wood cleared. The Parish Council is now responsible for the management  and promotion of the wood. One of the first steps has been to name the wood after Robin Cooper, a former teacher and community activist for many years in London Colney. By taking over the management of Cooper’s Wood the Parish Councill will be able to protect this part of the village from over development and ensure that it remains an attractive environmental feature.