At the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held in May 2018, Councillor Malcolm MacMillan was re-elected as Chair and Councillor Katherine Gardner was re-elected as Vice-Chair.

The following list details membership of Committees:


  • Environment and Neighbourhood Committee:
    Councillors Osborne (Chair), Gordon, Mahony, Mortuza and Quagliozzi
  • Events and Community Committee
    Councillors MacMillan (Chair) , Gardner, Hopkins, MacMillan, Mortuza and Pakenham
  • Finance Committee                                                                                                  Councillors Gordon (Chair), Hopkins, Pakenham and Quagliozzi
  • Human Resources Committee
    Councillor Pakenham (Chair), Gardner, MacMillan, Osborne and Quagliozzi

The Chair and Vice Chair sit ex-officio on all committees and working parties.