Flood Emergency Plan 2017

Winter is coming – are you ready for it?  We realise that the current levels of the River Colne are low at the moment but at a recent meeting of the Parish Council, our Flood Emergency Plan was reviewed and updated.  It pays to be prepared.  There’s lot of useful information in the plan, what to do after a flood.  If you’d like to access a copy of the plan, please click here or alternatively, give us a call on  01727 821314 to arrange to pick up a copy from the office.

Parish Environmental Action Plan (PEAP) 

The Parish Council is well aware that its actions can have a significant impact on the local environment, and a local Parish Environmental Action Plan (PEAP) certainly allows us to make a positive contribution in a planned and sustainable way. Following discussions with the Countryside Management Services (CMS) in early 2008, our Council established a steering group consisting of Parish Councillors, local residents and the CMS. Since then, their commitment and diligence, under the excellent chairmanship of Councillor Ken Bowes, has led to the development of the Parish Environmental Action Plan and the publishing of the PEAP Report.

So often such reports can be full of good intentions, but this Report, with its excellent maps, identifies projects accompanied by an Action Plan and Objectives which will impact directly on our community. It also provides comment on our local demography, threats to our environment and climate change impact. It is the forerunner of a detailed five-year plan which will be published as an annex to the report. By identifying areas under threat of development, this Plan will help us develop strategies for protecting and enhancing vulnerable areas within our village – but we need others to recognise and sign up to these commitments, including local residents and the Councils at St Albans and Hertfordshire.

Commitment to financial backing for projects has already been given by the Parish Council and we will seek joint funding from the District Council for some activities. In fact, one project at the Colney Fox pond has progressed substantially.

A copy of the PEAP Report can be downloaded here.