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Abandoned Vehicles

Detailed Information

Abandoned and Unwanted Vehicles

Just because a vehicle is untaxed, is poorly parked, or is not believed to belong to a resident does not mean it has been abandoned.

Here is information to help you report an abandoned or other nuisance vehicle and to apply for our service for removing unwanted vehicles.

Abandoned vehicles

It is a criminal offence to abandon a motor vehicle, or anything that has formed part of a motor vehicle, on any land in the open air or on any other land forming part of the highway.

The interactive form for reporting an abandoned vehicle will take you through the steps to determine if the vehicle is truly abandoned.

We will investigate whether the vehicle has been abandoned and carry out checks to see whether it has been stolen or involved in an accident. If we decide the vehicle has been abandoned on a road, we will then remove the vehicle. If the vehicle is worth more than £1000 the process to remove the vehicle will take approximately three weeks