Chairman Elected

Hon Alderman Malcolm MacMillan has been re-elected as chairman of London Colney Parish Council at the local authority annual meeting. In his address he praised Councillors and staff for raising over £100,000 from events, lettings and functions. He said that this was done through pro-active planning, incredible new initiatives, and outstanding organizational skills.

The Chairman added “We have shared our resources with the community reaching maximum numbers of citizens. Over 5,000 residents attended our events – Larks in the Parks, Fireworks evening and Christmas Light switch-on. In addition to the more serious Council business and statutory duties, our trademark is also about bringing the community together; sharing what we have and enjoying the events.”

Hertsmere’s garden village; Our response

Hertsmere Borough Council are considering plans for the development of a Garden village, but it is apparent that the net social and economic benefits will flow one way and that is into the bank coffers of Hertsmere Council, commented Chairman MacMillan. “The Hertsmere Vision statement, with its 6,000 homes, is likely to become London Colney’s nightmare with considerable coalescence and noise.”

As a first response, London Colney and Colney Heath Parish Councils are joining forces to develop a common response to the major developments around the two villages, being put forward by both St Albans District and Hertsmere Borough Councils.

At its Annual Meeting, London Colney Parish Chairman Malcolm MacMillan welcomed Colney Heath Chairman, Cllr. Peter Cook, and it was announced that the Parishes would launch the ‘Stand Up for the South’ campaign with details being finalised at a meeting being held between the two councils.

Appointment of new Parish Clerk

Emma Payne has been appointed as Parish Clerk by the Council following the retirement of Irene Casper.  Mrs Payne has been acting as interim clerk, during the former clerk’s illness.  “Emma brings a wealth of experience to the role and as certainly hit the ground running. We look forward to working with her as our newly appointed chief officer,” said Chairman MacMillan.