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Council Responsibilities

The Parish Council is responsible for a range of leisure facilities throughout the village.

In addition the Councillors work to support the residents of the village and provide activities, events and services which are of benefit to the community.

All our activities are underpinned by the Parish Council Priorities:

  1. Listening and responding to the views and needs of local residents in order to be a strong and recognisable voice for the village
  2. Providing the public with exceptional service and high quality, value for money services accessible to all
  3. Protecting the vulnerable, working in partnership with the community and the voluntary sector
  4. Encourage participation in the work of the Parish Council and to ensure transparency in all aspects of Parish Council decision making.
  5. Taking steps to improve the environment and ensure that sustainable policies are agreed to protect current and future village life.

Please let us know if you have any comments about these priorities.

Which Council is Responsible for Your Local Services?