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Awareness of property flood resilience survey

Risk & Policy Analysts and RAB Consultants are carrying out a study for the Environment Agency on resilience to flooding.  The study includes a survey to collect the views and opinions of anyone working or living in Hertfordshire. The survey covers questions such as:

  • Are property owners and occupiers aware of Property Flood Resilience measures?
  • Do property owners and occupiers have any measures installed (e.g. flood doors)?
  • Are there any issues that are hindering owners and occupiers from taking up Property Flood Resilience?

The survey can be accessed via:   and is open until 23 October 2020.

Participation in the survey will help the study gain an understanding of levels of awareness of Property Flood Resilience.  It will also identify potential barriers to its uptake.

The results from the survey will feed into wider work on increasing resilience to flooding.