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Bowmans Cross – A Statement from the Parish Council

London Colney Parish Council remains opposed to the proposed development of 6000 homes at Bowmans Cross, on the boundary with London Colney and Colney Heath.  Cllr MacMillan, Chairman of the Parish Council said, “We demand that our residents are properly consulted with on the new plans for the site, given the enormous impact that the development will have on the area including the increase in traffic movements through the village with the additional demands on our infrastructure.  The claims made by Hertsmere BC that the land in question is not high quality, unspoilt countryside goes against what residents know to be true; that the area in question is used by residents to enjoy the countryside on their doorsteps, which will be destroyed by the proposed development.  If the site wasn’t high quality, then why is it designated as part of the Watling Chase Community Forest?”

 Cllr Dreda Gordon said, “The use of Green Belt for development should be the last resort when all other sites including landfills and brownfield sites have been exhausted.  We see no evidence of Hertsmere BC using this approach before sacrificing this land, the development of which will see disruption removed from the voters of Hertsmere. The Government’s Planning Policy Framework recommends strong policies to defend Green Belt and Community Forest areas in order to stop urban sprawl and the proposed development, which will merge with London Colney and Colney Heath, will see a settlement the same size as Radlett to the South of St Albans.”

 London Colney Parish Council will continue to work with Colney Heath Parish Council to fight this development and will be jointly organising public meetings for residents to have their say. We would welcome Hertsmere BC councillors to attend these meetings.