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New Splash Pool gets ‘thumbs up’ from Parish Council

The Paddling Pool at Morris Recreation Ground field is to close due to a health and safety report which highlighted that the pool presents too many risks to children. Originally the pool was closed due to government guidance in Summer 2020 and will not reopen in Summer 2021.

At its annual council meeting, members supported a replacement water feature in the form of a splash pad with at least ten-play items along with the infrastructure needed to run the facility.

Newly elected Chairman of London Colney Parish Council, Cllr Malcolm MacMillan, who opened the pool in 1990 as Mayor of St Albans said,” It’s sad to see one of the best-used facilities over the past 30 years being closed, but it is simply not fit for purpose when the risks to children are considered.”  He added that “It is really good news for the children of the village as they will be able to have fun in the sun in the future, in a safer environment.”

The splash pad will have a life span of 25 years. The wastewater will be collected and stored, to be used for irrigation of floral displays, cricket wickets and cleaning equipment.  The chair of the finance committee, Cllr Dreda Gordon confirmed that the total project cost will be £200,000. She added, “We are in a financially favourable situation having received a receipt for the lease of the new surgery being developed at the community centre. It is marvellous to be able to fund a facility that will give great fun to children over the next 25 years.”

It is anticipated that the splash pad will be open next summer.

For further information please contact the parish council 01727 821314